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Since its foundation in 2011, two experienced managers have managed the company.

FAKON Wind Jorg Fangmann Geschaftsfuhrer Netzanbindung Elektrotechnik

Jörg Fangmann, certified Engineer

Managing Direkctor / Project Engineer, Electrical Engineering

  • Management / Head of electrical Engineering and Grid Connection
  • Head of occupational Safety
  • Interim Management
  • Medium Voltage Infrastructure 
  • External Senior Authorized Person (SAP)

FAKON Wind Stephan Stuby Geschaftsfuhrer Plattformtechnik Machinenbau

Stephan Stuby, certified Engineer

Managing Director / Project Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

  • Management / Head of mechanical Engineering
  • Interim Management
  • Wind Turbine Mechanics/ Substation Components
  • Secondary Substation Systems